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“EELISA Librarians Team”: A network of professionals to promote Open Science within the Alliance

The “EELISA Librarians Team” has been formed to give support to EELISA regarding best practices in Open Science. In the words of Burcu Bulut, a Technical Services Librarian, ITU : “It is important as librarians that we are closely connected to EELISA so as to enable us to design information services, support research and education in our universities in the best way we can”.
EELISA Credential: The materialization of an impactful learning experience

Promoting first activities, landing EELISA’s main vision of innovative learning and societal impact into a measurable output for the people involved while EELISA Communities grow and pick up speed seems to be the key. In this brief interview, Thibaut Skrzypek, leader of the EELISA Work Package 3 (Education Management & Accreditation), gives us some insight into the innovative concept of the “EELISA Credential” and the prototyping processes attached to it.
Informative Meeting on EELISA Courses

An Informative meeting was held on November 17, 2021, to share information on the ongoing work regarding the EELISA joint-course catalog. The meeting targeted academicians who are motivated to open their courses to the EELISA students.
EELISA Knowledge Bites #2: ITU Learning Stations Model

"EELISA Knowledge Bites" events are where experts from EELISA institutions share their expertise to facilitate the creation of EELISA communities. EELISA Knowledge Bites provide valuable insights for building EELISA communities, and opportunities for exchanging experience on innovative learning. The second invited speaker of the Knowledge Bites meeting was Assoc. Prof. Emrah Acar, ITU EELISA Project Coordinator. Dr. Acar shared his experience regarding the ITU Learning Station Model, which is being actively used with internal and external actors to build communities of learning in digital, physical, or hybrid environments.
Meet the EELISA Communities!

EELISA Communities now have a window for visibility to the outside world – a showcase space on the EELISA website where they can present their mission, contact persons and other key information.
The First EELISA Onboarding Held at ITU

Istanbul Technical University held the first onboarding event for students, academics and employees who have just joined the EELISA project. 
The Digital Health Lunch Series (DiHLS) is a networking platform to inspire and generate innovation!

To shape the future of Digital Health, connecting and moving knowledge is as essential as exchanging data. Initiated by FAU, Medical Valley, dmac, d.hip and Zollhof, DiHLS invites visionaries, decision makers in Digital Health to meet on a regular basis, starting November 30, 2021. In each event, international leading experts will present current questions and challenges, and inspire discussions. Erwin Böttinger will give a presentation “Digital Health – Reengineering Sustainable Health Systems” at 12:30 CET on November 30, 2021.
Workshop on Financial Modeling & Price Calculation for Entrepreneurial Pathbreakers

Get an overview of what you need to consider in the financial planning of your start-up. Determine the required investment sum of your planned business model, calculate an initial bid price on a cost basis, and learn about different pricing tactics. This workshop is meant for everyone who has already worked out a business model.
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