İTÜ Araştırma Dekanlığı E-Bülten 2021                                                                                                              
A Trivia Trilogy to Test Your Knowledge on Circular Economy for EELISA Students!

3VIA is an activity that aims to enhance knowledge and awareness on the circular economy among first- and second-year university students. Participants will enter a thrilling trivia game to solve different questions related to circular economy challenges. All attendees will receive participation diplomas signed by the three organizing universities: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), Istanbul Teknik Universitesi (Turkey), and Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti (Romania).
EELISA Knowledge Bites: Using Learning Stations for Creating Active Learning Environments with Multi-stakeholder Interaction

The second meeting of the EELISA Knowledge Bites series will focus on 'Learning Station' model of ITU. Participants of the EELISA universities will have an opportunity to discuss their experiences and exchange ideas on innovative learning, after inspirational presentation by Assoc. Prof. Emrah Acar (ITU): "Using Learning Stations for Creating Active Learning Environments with Multi-stakeholder Interaction.”
EELISA IT platform: The Digital Hub for All

EELISA IT platform, scheduled to be operational at the end of the year, will function as a digital hub for networking and challenge-based learning. The platform will facilitate the cooperation of EELISA European University members and their stakeholders in a rapid and efficient way.
Bilateral Cooperation Travel Support Program (TUBITAK-DAAD)

Encouragement of the use of existing funding programmes for international mobility is amongst the priorities of the EELISA European University. Bilateral Cooperation Travel Support Program of TÜBİTAK-DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is one of those opportunities to start or continue cooperation with your EELISA partners.
Interdisciplinary Broadening Workshop on Cities and Communities

EELISA teams continue to create smart and sustainable solutions for a better future. The first interdisciplinary broadening workshop of the EELISA project was organized by ITU. The event was targeted at expanding the limits of the engineering discipline. With a specific focus on “Cities and Communities,” the full-day event was a valuable opportunity to discuss the needs of the future engineers and professionals, in addition to innovative interdisciplinary teaching and learning models.
Research-based Learning Workshop from ITU

ITU EELISA team, EELISA European University’s only partner in Turkey, continues to work for a better engineering education. The workshop was organized under the coordination of ITU with an aim to incorporate research-based learning and problem solving into the engineering education.
EELISA Governing Board Meeting was Held in Madrid

The Rectors, Directors and President of the nine universities of EELISA representatives from the EELISA academic community, external stakeholders and the Vice-president of ENAEE attended the Governing Board meeting which defined the strategic lines leading to the creation of the “European Engineer” Degree.
EELISAconnect Workshop Held

As part of the EELISAconnect workshop series, EELISA academics and researchers from various disciplines came together at ITU in order to develop innovative solutions for the vision of the European University. In the sessions held under the title “Cities and Communities”, the importance of increasing collaboration in education, research and application fields to reach the goals of the EELISA project was emphasized.
SEFI 2021 Conference

ITU EELISA team members participated in the annual conference of the European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI), which was organized online between 13-16 September, 2021. The specific theme of the conference this year was 'blended learning in engineering education.' The SEFI Annual Conference, as the biggest event of its kind in Europe, focuses on different aspects of engineering education across Europe.
EELISA President Dale A. Martin and EELISA Executive Director Sofia Costa d’Aguiar Visited Our University

Istanbul Technical University hosted EELISA President Dale A. Martin and EELISA Executive Director Sofia Costa d’Aguiar. EELISA officials who visited ITU Ayazağa and Taşkışla campuses received detailed information about the projects and studies carried out at ITU.
EELISA Information Day Held at ITU

The EELISA Information Day was organized on April 29, 2021 to provide information regarding the opportunities and mobility offered by 9 universities from various countries of Europe, which are working together toward a common model of the European Engineer.
EELISA Communities

EELISA communities are diverse and ever-expanding nodes where education, research, professional experience, and societal challenges merge. Mission-driven EELISA communities are working groups that bring together students, teachers, and researchers from all partner universities with prestigious professionals, grassroots organizations, citizens, private companies, and public institutions to find innovative solutions to real-world challenges. You can create your own community, engage with those existing , and be part of this enthusiastic experience!
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