İTÜ Araştırma Dekanlığı E-Bülten 2021                                                                                                              
EELISA Experience Sharing I: Writing and Managing European Union Projects

Increasing the level of readiness of ITU researchers towards writing and managing EU projects with the support of both our ITU European Union Research Office and ITUNOVA TTO is one of the priorities of the ITU EELISA European University team. In this framework, the event titled “EELISA Experience Sharing I: Writing and Managing European Union Projects - Lessons Learned” was held online with the participation of our researchers. You may reach the recording of the event from the link below.
EELISA Opens the Position for Dean of Studies

As stated in the Grant Agreement, the EELISA Dean of Studies will play a key role in coordinating, integrating, and supervising all the academic work within the Alliance, with an emphasis on two main topics: the definition of the European Engineer and the design of the European Degree. While based in Paris at Université PSL (Chimie ParisTech PSL), the new EELISA Dean of Studies will be part of the EELISA Office team located in Madrid. Together with the Executive Director, she/he will coordinate all the operational activities and cooperation academic programs of the EELISA alliance. Applications are open until the 30th of April, 2022. Please find the full job offer from the link below.
“Open Science in Horizon Europe, What Does it Take?”

A special info day on Open Science was held on April 4. The aim of this first info day on the Open Science held by EELISA is to set the framework of a series of OS events that will be organized under the EELISA InnoCORE umbrella. In addition to this, the session focused on informing EELISA academicians, researchers, and EELISA communities about Horizon Europe’s definition and requirements on Open Science. The event tried to guide them on how to integrate Open Science practices into their scientific studies and courses in light of the EU Open Science Policy.
(E) U AGAINST CO2: Lecture Series on Climate Action

Current political developments make it clear – climate change and energy transition are one of the most important topics the European Union faces at the moment. After the great success with over 600 registrations in each of the last four semesters, the lecture series (FA)U against CO2 will take place in the summer semester of 2022 again – this time under the new name and EELISA umbrella “(E)U against CO2 – Let’s make Europe better together!” EELISA has put together an exciting programme of lectures by scientists from the partner universities including ITU and welcome members of all EELISA universities.
Call for Collaborators from WinSTEAM & DEI Community

EELISA Communities are expanding and this is the chance for students, faculty, researchers, companies, and citizens to join. The ITU-EELISA Community “Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math & Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity (WinSTEAM & DEI)” is looking for partners and collaborators. Please find the full call from the link below.
EELISA Credential – How Can Our Alliance Recognize its Students’ Ability to Grasp and Impact Societal Challenges?”

In this EELISA Knowledge Bite, Thibaut Skrzypek from EELISA partner ENPC will give insights into the EELISA credential. He will focus on: – What is an EELISA Credential? – Link between the EELISA Credential badges and the sustainable development goals. – How community activities can earn badges and enrich the credential of EELISA students.
From Erlangen to Pisa: An Interview with Tim Löhr, Student at SSSA’s Seasonal School

EELISA Mobility is about going beyond borders and diving into excellent educational programmes. But overall, it is about intercultural exchange and experience. In this interview, we meet the story of Tim, an FAU student who decided to open his mind and travel to Pisa to participate in SSSA’s Seasonal School about “Innovation management and common good”. You may reach the interview from the link below.
Round Table: Science Diplomacy in Times of War

In this roundtable, organized by Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg in cooperation with the EU-funded project InsSciDE– Inventing a Shared Science Diplomacy for Europe and the ERC Consolidator Grant research project HRP-IAEA, historians and philosophers of science and technology together with key science administrators and academics will analyze the role of science diplomacy in times of war, historically and today.
Recent Calls from Work Package 8

Call for Contributions to the newest Disciplinary Broadening Workshop proposals in progress: "Archaeology and Architecture" (Contact: Gianfranco Adornato, SNS-
BEE'NOME for Disaster Management

The design of the disaster management module of BEE'NOME has been prioritized due to the earthquake disaster. Directing ITU resources to the disaster areas in a targeted manner will be made easier if you choose the keywords and the role as a member of the platform.