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EELISA Research-based Learning Symposium I

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the first EELISA Research-Based Learning (RBL) Symposium to explore the links between education, research and innovation. RBL Symposium will take place on May 17-18 at ITU Ayazaga Campus and will be open to both virtual and in-person participation. At the symposium, which brings together students, academics, researchers, businesses and government institutions to jointly identify challenges and new approaches in engineering education, EELISA Alliance representatives will share their RBL experiences and the best practices of university-industry collaborations. Learn more and register from the link below!
EELISA Knowledge Bites: Blended Intensive Programs

In this EELISA Knowledge Bite, Alma CATALA LUNA from EELISA partner PSL will give insights into Blended Intensive Programs. She will focus on: What is a BIP? How does it work? What kind of funding is available? How to build, set up, and follow your BIP? If you are an EELISA Community member, teacher, researcher or Ph.D. student from the EELISA universities, or just a person interested in the topic, this session is for you! “EELISA Knowledge Bites” is an online event series, where experts from the different EELISA universities give talks on topics that matter when building, growing and teaching in EELISA Communities. WHEN: 13th of May 2022 @ 12:00 pm CET, WHERE: Online (Zoom).
Recent Calls from Work Package 8

Call for Contributions to the newest Disciplinary Broadening Workshop proposals in progress: "Archaeology and Architecture" (Contact: Gianfranco Adornato, SNS-
Horizon Europe Project Calls

You may find the May-June Horizon Europe project calls, including opening and deadline dates and detailed information from the link below.
Open Call for Students and Entrepreneurs in the Robotics Field

TERRINet is launching the last Open Call of 2022. And you can´t miss it! TERRINet is a European Research Infrastructure Network of stakeholders in Robotics from both Academia and Industry coordinated by EELISA member Scuola Superiore Santa Anna (Pisa).The TERRINet Project covers travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs to access robotics research infrastructures for selected users or user groups. The access includes the logistical, technological, and scientific support and the specific training that is usually provided to external researchers using the infrastructure. FOR WHOM? Students (undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., Master), Academic and Industrial Researchers, and Entrepreneurs involved in the area of Robotics. Applications from non-roboticists are also encouraged, provided that the proposed research project aims at being implemented by means of a robotic platform. WHEN: July 1st, 2022 – November 30th, 2022 WHERE: Onsite, at the premises of one of the TERRINet Infrastructures. APPLICATIONS: The deadline for applications is May 31st, 2022.
Particle Based Materials Symposium 2022 - Enhancing Sustainability

“Particle Based Materials Symposium 2022 - Enhancing Sustainability” will conduct at FAU on October 6-7, 2022. The deadline for abstract submission will be on June 1, 2022. FAU will provide Travel Awards for EELISA partners: Registration fee, accommodation, and travel cost support will be provided by FAU to 10 selected students, researchers and participants who are members of one of the European University EELISA institutions (not from FAU). Only participants whose abstracts have been accepted for oral or poster presentation at PBM2022 are eligible to apply for this EELISA Travel Award. Interested applicants who meet the criteria are required to send an e-mail indicating their interest in a Travel Award to Dr. Susanne Wintzheimer (, after submitting their abstract latest by June 1, 2022. Award recipients will be selected based on the merit of their submitted abstracts and the organizers’ final decision. Winners will be notified via email before August 1, 2022 and the results will be posted on the conference website in mid-August 2022. Please find detailed information from the link below.
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